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... to Audio Essences.

Here we offer a range of Audio Essences to help support people who are engaged in personal development... who are struggling with difficult personal circumstances / situations... who are searching for their very own inner transformation... or who just want to change their life for the better.

Audio Essences is a unique, new 21st Century vibrational technology which captures subtle vibrations into sound files... which can then be embedded into a range of sound and voice MP3 files.

With Audio Essences you can access these subtle vibrations... any time you want... any time you need... just through the act of listening.

And the great thing with Audio Essences... the positive healing / change you need is only a few clicks away.

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Below are some of the books which incorporate Audio Essence vibrational technology into their approach, either avaiable now or being published in 2018:

VIBFULL AEweb Book Banner 1 700p.jpgReally Useful Crystals eBook series

Crystal Life Wisdom eBook series

Emotional Entanglements eBook series
VIBFULL AEweb Book Banner 2 700p.jpgLucid Manifestation eBook series

Energy Astrology eBook series

Energy Boundaries eBook series

VIBFULL AEweb Book Banner 3 700p.jpgVibrational Doorways Crystals eBook series

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