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What is an Audio Essence?

Well, one way of describing an Audio Essence is that it’s a way of transmitting a specific feeling state over the internet.

Yes, I did say feeling… not words, or pictures, or information, or sound… but feelings.

OK, these feelings are embedded into MP3 sound files, which can also be embedded into videos if needed, or left as MP3s, which are then uploaded on to the internet… but all that is the carrier mechanism… because the essence of what is being carried through the digital form is a specific feeling or vibration.

And the great thing about Audio Essences is that we don’t really need to convince you, or spin a fancy sales tale… All we need to do is ask you to click the play button… listen to the 3 minute vocal set-up, or fast forwards through to the 55 minute Audio Essence… then sit down where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes, tune into the music, and feel and experience what happens next.

The Audio Essence is embedded into the music itself… and there are no binaural beats or subliminal messages involved… Audio Essences use a completely different kind of vibrational technology… so as you listen to the music, just allow the Audio Essence to carry your experience in and for that moment.

Either it will work for you, or it won’t… either you will be one of the 90% of people who get it, or you won’t.

That’s the beauty of an Audio Essence. All we need to do is ask you to be open-minded, initially listen at a time when you won’t be too disturbed and so can devote some time to it, press the button, and devote a quarter of an hour or more of your life… no more then that… to discover if there is something out there which can make your life feel better.

And if you find that these Audio Essences do indeed work for you… then you can come back to this website time and time again… choosing those Audio Essences which are the best fit for you at that time.

But how are Audio Essences created?

In one particular school of Zen Buddhism, students / practitioners are often asked to meditate upon the soundless sound, the consciousness which manifests behind the form of sounds.

Using this analogy, Audio Essences is a very Zen like approach to sound therapy, because the healing is not in the sounds which you hear, but is located behind those sounds.

Audio Essences uses sound as a carrier wave for other vibrations. The healing is not in the actual sounds, but in the consciousness / energy behind the sounds.

So is Audio Essences a sound based therapy?

The answer is both yes and no.

Audio Essences use sound as a carrier wave for subtle vibrations, and it is these subtle vibrations which create the Audio Essence effect within the listener.

This is why an Audio Essence track can be embedded into any particular piece of music.

The Audio Essence effect does not come from the music, but from the subtle vibrations which are embedded into the music.

Audio Essences are not reliant on subliminal messages, and they do not use binaural beats… in fact, they use a entirely different vibrational technology.

Let me explain through the analogy of a traditional water based essence.

A normal water based essence requires three things:

A power source, usually the Sun

A means of recording the vibration, usually water

Something to be recorded, say a crystal or flower

With an Audio Essence, a subtle energy source, and a MP3 sound recorder is used to record the vibration… and virtually anything can be recorded… and the vibration is converted into a digital format.

This has a large number of advantages, namely you can then access the digitized vibration, from your phone, laptop, or tablet whenever / wherever you need it just through the act of listening.

The aim is to open up vibrational healing to the modern, digital generation. But also one of the other aims is to provide vibrational healing to people who a) can’t easily afford other kinds of therapy, or b) can’t easily access it.

As the planet is going digital, and we are in desperate need to get healing out to the whole world, and so the ways we heal may need to change to support the shift which needs to happen, and that is one of the things which is inspiring this approach.

Another advantage is that because the vibration is entering through the ears (and the throat chakra is primarily about vibration), the body does not have to do any additional work processing it (unlike other essences and crystals), and so it appears that an Audio Essence is approximately 75% more effective.

And each Audio Essence also contains a number of Supportive Vibrations, to help each individual better process the core vibration contained in that MP3... thus deepening the experience... making it more effective.

The normal hearing range for human beings is usually 20 to 20,000 Hz, although this varies between individuals, and the range decreases as we age.

Traditional sound therapy is therefore limited to the musical scale which is audible to the human ear.

Now, vocal sounds and musical notes can be repeated and combined in an almost infinite number of ways, which is how we create our speech and music.

But we are still limited to the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Anything above or below this, anything more subtle, is beyond our hearing range to detect.

Many ancient traditions around the world talk about ‘subtle vibrations’ which cannot be heard with the human ears, or created through the human voice, or through musical instruments, but which influence how the universe works and coalesces.

The sound vibration for the nadis is meant to reside beyond the ability of the human voice to re-create.

Indeed, these subtle vibrations are believed to be essential to our continued physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and balance.

In the past, because you cannot hear and see subtle vibrations it was hard to work with them.

Normally, you would have to absorb them while sitting at the feet of an enlightened master (a process called darshan and satsang), but you couldn’t bottle those subtle vibrations and take them home with you to access at a later date.

But now you can.

These subtle vibrations are exactly what Audio Essences can capture, transmit and make available for the listener.

And these subtle vibrations create positive feelings, and changing the way you feel opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

This is what people really mean when they talk about ‘raising your vibration’.

So what can be turned into an Audio Essence.

Practically anything. A crystal, flower etc… Crystal layouts… But one recent development is to take the words of an Enlightened Master, whose energy is meant to stay in existence for thousands of years through their spoken and written words, and then turn this into an Audio Essence. In this way, the Audio Essence allows you to connect with the energies of that Enlightened Master through our Audio Satsang range.

But how do Audio Essences work?

Ever since Dr Abrams created his first radionics machine at the dawn of the twentieth century, the world of energy healing has been stubbornly growing, provoking a debate (in the minds of those who choose to listen) about what is actually required for healing and transformation to occur.

My contribution to this debate has been the development of Audio Essences.

My starting point was the assumption that an essence is created using three distinct elements – a vibration to be recorded, a medium upon which to record and transmit the vibration, and an energy source used to imprint the vibration upon the medium.

So a traditional water-based essence is made using water as the recording medium, sunlight as the energy source, and a crystal or flower as the vibration to be recorded.

Although Audio Essences also uses three elements, two of these are quite different to the water-based approach.

The crystal or flower is the same, but the medium used to record the vibration is an MP3 file, and the energy source used to imprint the vibration is subtle in nature.

The resulting MP3 ‘transmission track’ is then edited and merged into a music track, and the specific vibration can then be accessed whenever someone listens to that Audio Essence.

Now, I know that Audio Essences work for the majority of people, because they have been trialed on many different people, over the past couple of years, since their original creation.

However, what isn’t so easy is to explain how they work.

Because, if I was a traditional water-based essence producer, I could explain how they work through talking about the many wonderful and unique properties of water… But, unfortunately, water is not used as the medium of transmission in an Audio Essence, so that doesn’t ‘hold water’.

Well, perhaps I could explain about how sound can also influence our personal energies.

But the actual transmission track, which is merged into the music, is completely silent. There are no sounds, tones or audible frequencies captured… so that doesn’t work either.

After exhausting all the possible ‘suspects’… I have been forced to conclude that alongside the three elements of medium, vibration and energy source, there is also fourth element involved in the essence creation process, and I have a feeling that this is also true for water-based essences (i.e. the ghost in the bottle).

Now, something which has always interested me is what is actually happening when something doesn’t work, because if you pay attention when something doesn’t work, you have the possibility of learning something new.

So it is very gratifying when someone reports that they have benefitted from listening to an Audio Essence… but the major leaps forward in their development have been through engaging with those people who said they weren’t getting anything, and identifying why this was so.

For through working with such people, I have learned how an individual can block a vibration, and also how these energy blocks can be overcome, allowing the vibration to move deeper and deeper within their energy system.

But through doing this, I have concluded that real transformation only happens when a vibration touches something deep within us… And this ‘something’ is not located in our brain, or on the level of our 70% puddle of water. I have come to feel it lies much, much deeper than that.

Now, I am always wary of New Age practitioners who reach out in the world of quantum physics for a justification of their particular brand of ‘magic’.

However, through working with different essences, Audio Essences and the water-based kind, I have come to believe that this fourth element is consciousness itself, and that real transformation occurs when the essence vibration is able to touch this, our innermost consciousness.

A Bit About the Supporting Vibrations

Sometimes, the real magic isn’t where you think… it’s not in front… it’s in the background… it’s working behind the scenes.

A case in point is Audio Essences.

As you no doubt know, because you are reading this, we have now launched www.audioessences.com, and currently filling it with some really cool Audio Essences… along with Guided Meditations (which use Audio Essences to create positive and supportive energy spaces which can be used in very practical ways) … where people can access the subtle vibration… just through the act of listening... and there are a lot of subtle vibrations which can be captured and transmitted using this process (… yeah…the most amazing Audio Satsangs).

But in reality… a lot of the magic, which the listener experiences, comes from the Supporting Vibrations, which are also embedded into the Audio Essence (or merged into the MP3 sound / music file during the editing stage, which is another way of putting it).

So when someone asks me (which people do)… why should I pay extra for an Audio Essence of Rose Quartz… when the actual crystal costs less then the Audio Essence?

My reply is… “Because of the Supporting Vibrations… they take your experience of Rose Quartz to a whole different level.”

With an Audio Essence, as well as the core vibration, you are also paying for the effectiveness of the Supporting Vibrations to boost the signal of a crystal vibration (or any other vibration)… and in my mind, that justifies charging more then for a piece of tumbled Rose Quartz…

… Because developing the Supporting Vibrations took longer to refine then the Audio Essence process itself!

Let me explain…

I can vividly remember the day on which the Supporting Vibrations started to come into being.

It all started with… a failure in a room of apparent success.

I was demonstrating them to a room of around 100 people in the old Quest MBS show in Newton Abbot, Devon / UK, probably around the Summer of 2012…

And at the end of this seminar session… as everyone was feeding their experiences back to me, lots of good and amazing experiences…

One woman put up her hand and said…

“Actually… I didn’t get anything at all… is that normal?”

And… to be honest, I didn’t really have an answer to that.

Was it normal… to get absolutely nothing?

At that time, I didn’t really know.

And to be truthful, I could have ignored her question… and the fact she didn’t get anything… and carried on developing Audio Essences as I was expecting to do.

There are quite a few therapy techniques where this has been done… focus on the 60% success rate, and ignore the 40% of people who it doesn’t work for at all (and write your book, making your therapy approach sound as if it is akin to the Second Coming… and never mentioning the people who are left in Purgatory, because for some reason it doesn’t work for them… and never engaging with the question Why didn’t it work?).

But the thing is… I was curious… Why hadn’t she got the same kind of experience as everyone else in the room?

What was different about her? … Was there even a difference?… And if there was, could I add to the Audio Essence vibrational mix to help her experience them in the same way as the other 99 people in the room?

And from that point, that’s what I decided to do… to embrace the failures and so learn and hopefully improve the Audio Essence experience for more people.

And something which online entrepreneurs say… fail fast… because in your failures, as you work your way through them, you find the clues that will eventually make you even more successful.

And I kind of think the same applies with energy therapies.

By engaging with those cases where it doesn’t work… were it fails for some reason… you have the opportunity to learn something new… and so improve the process.

So starting Summer 2012, for a 2 year period… I went on a mini-tour of the UK… demonstrating Audio Essences to different groups of people…

… and whenever I found someone for whom it didn’t work… I went out of my way to talk / work with them… to find out why exactly it wasn’t working for them.

And this gave me valuable clues as to how Audio Essences could become even more effective… (and all this has now been incorporated into the Audio Essence vibrational technology of today).

All these people for whom it did not initially work, working through their underlying issues, gave me many valuable insights into how an individual’s energy field works…

And that's where the Supporting Vibrations came from.

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